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Eastern Indonesia topography maps


These topography maps are made from Sandwell and Smith marine data and SRTM data on-shore (see Data Sources for detail).

The marine data have not had the ship track artifacts removed which can lead to the creation of odd features in the Bouguer anomaly maps - check the topography maps if in doubt.

Note: the coastline database used on these maps is out-dated and not accurate. It is often displaced from the 0 metre elevation contour derived from the SRTM data. This is very evident on maps containing smaller islands or those far from main population centres.

Interactive maps - topography

The map below has been sectioned into 25 clickable regions. Clicking on a particular region will open a new tab showing the zoomed in region in more detail. To see the whole image in a new tab click here.

Eastern Indonesia Bouguer anomaly

Palawan topography West Mindanao topography East Mindanao topography Palau topography Yap topography East Kalimantan topography Celebes Sea topography North Halmahera topography Pegun Islands topography West Caroline topography Makassar Strait topography Central Sulawesi topography Buru topography Irian Jaya topography Papua topography Sumbawa topography Flores topography Timor-Leste Timor topography Tanimbar Kai Aru topography South Papua topography North Australian Basin topography Scott Plateau topography Bonaparte Basin topography North Australia topography Gulf of Carpentaria topography

Timor Island topography

Timor Island topography


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